Last Changes


  • #76: Implemented directives for dynamic text truncation. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #74: DatePicker: Fixed support for ngReadonly and ngDisabled.

  • #72: Styling: Updated font awesome (v4.2) and bootstrap (v3.2)
  • #71: Styling DatePicker: Fixed color definitions.


  • #67: Styling: refactored default.theme
  • #69: layer: allowed prevention of scrolling the body when showing. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #68: fixed wrongly global assert in jshintrc.

  • #66: fixed ont-size can change depending on disabled- or error-state
  • #65: axAccordion: fixed unchecked call to $apply


  • #60: portal, dom: deprecated dom.ensureRenderingAndApplyFunction and removed usage
  • #64: tests: make sure PhantomJS is installed properly, before running spec tests.
  • #63: Styling DatePicker: Highlighted current day
  • #62: Styling: extend mixin to equal col height for different widths
  • #61: axButtonList: fixed double click handling with debounce function


  • #59: Fixed width of a single col in a row
  • #58: Styling table: Fixed row selecton is not visible
  • #57: Styling table: Added new table style (skeletal)


  • #55: don't try to load widget.json in laxar_uikit specs.
  • #56: axConfirmButton: fixed initialization of html label
  • #54: Styling confirm control: fixed unnecessary linebreak
  • #53: Styling table: Refactored table cells with form elements
  • #52: Styling buttons: refactored animation for busy state
  • #51: Remove some obsolete NPM devDependencies.
  • #50: Removed expensive layout polling from axConfirmButton
  • #49: Styling status classes: Refactored
  • #48: Styling icons: customized icon size independent from font size
  • #47: added missing require path mapping for jjv and jjve.


  • #46: axDatePicker: Fixed wrong regional settings in Internet Explorer.
  • #44: axInput: added support for checkboxes.
  • #42: Styling global IE10: Fixed layout problems with input clear button
  • #43: jshintrc: disabled enforcement of dot notation for object property access.
  • #41: Styling table: Added border style support for sub rows
  • #40: Styling table: Fixed vertical alignment of buttons in a table cell
  • #39: Styling table: Fixed some variables can not be overwritten
  • #38: axInput: fixed spec test in MSIE8
  • #37: Added support for bootstrap table classes
  • #36: axInput: documented configuration options under docs/manuals/
  • #35: Refactored third party dependencies
  • #32: axInput: Allow to validate on focusout instead of on keypress NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #34: Fixed axDatepicker, which was breaking MSIE8 by trying to set the type attribute.


  • #33: Improved styling of an input field with an unit sign
  • #31: Added new validation behavior: display of errors to the user can now be deferred. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #30: Fix relative json messages imports (workaround for bug in requirejs-json plugin)

  • #29: Added additional css class to increase space between cols
  • #28: Added additional css class for two column layout
  • #27: axDatePicker now warns if yearRange is used without minDate and maxDate
  • #26: Added new css class to add space between two rows
  • #25: Updated font awesome (4.1)
  • #24: Fixed incorrect col indent for nested layouts
  • #23: Fixed datepicker on axInput with changing locale.
  • #22: Fixed icons depends on position of class ax-icon- or fa- in attribute.
  • #21: Reduce complexity to overwrite variables.
  • #20: Fixed ax-error class should work for labels.
  • #19: Made axInputRequired work for radio buttons.
  • #18: Fixed handling of axInputMinimum and axInputMaximum for empty field.
  • #16: Fixed handling of axInputRequire by triggering re-validation on change.
  • #17: Fixed boostrap horizontal form is not compatible with laxar uikit grid.
  • #15: Fixed incomplete refresh of $viewValue after format change.
  • #14: Fixed selection required error message for select boxes.
  • #13: Code formatting, added license for font-awesome and removed max-width for popovers.
  • #12: Moved colors form default.theme to laxar_uikit
  • #11: Fixed bootstrap limit of form-inline rules for view-ports.
  • #9: Update Bower from ~1.2.8 to ~1.3.3.
  • #8: The axInput control now respects the scope locale for on-focus formatting.
  • #7: Fixed grid depends on position of class col-lg in attribute.
  • #6: Now the margin-top for a button variant (sm, xs) will calculate depending on bootstrap variants.
  • #5: Removed console.log statements from text-ellipsis control.
  • #4: Fixed table style with form elements.
  • #3: Fixed spelling in grid classes.
  • #1: Fixed compass environment for execution from bower components.