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LaxarJS UiKit Configuration Options

There are a few global configuration options to control the default behavior of certain LaxarJS UiKit controls in an application. For details on configuration, see the LaxarJS Core https://github.com/LaxarJS/laxar/blob/master/docs/manuals/configuration.md.

The following options are available in LaxarJS UiKit:

Key Default Description
lib.laxar_uikit.controls.input.ngModelOptions.updateOn 'default' The LaxarJS axInput control implements the updateOn property of the ngModelOptions attribute which is expected to ship with AngularJS 1.3. It is a space-separated sequence of DOM-event names upon which to trigger a model update. The value 'default' causes updates on 'change' as well as on 'focusout'. Can be overridden per-field using the data-ng-model-options attribute.
lib.laxar_uikit.controls.input.displayErrorsImmediately true* If set to true, the axInput control will indicate validation errors to the user immediately upon creation. If set to false, validation will be indicated then the user has visited the field or when an axInput.validate event has been received by the control. Can be overridden per-field using the data-ax-input-display-errors-immediately attribute.
  • The default is due to backwards compatibility. It may be changed in future major versions of LaxarJS UiKit, so it is recommended to set this option explicitly.