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Coming from LaxarJS Mocks 1.x

These are the major changes when coming from LaxarJS Mocks version 1.x:

Requires LaxarJS 2.x

This library works together with LaxarJS 2.x and the corresponding technology adapters.

No More Copy/Pasting Spec-Runnner Files

Both spec_runner.js and spec_runner.html are no longer needed.

HTML and JS boilerplate code for the test runner is now generated on-the-fly, and should be removed from your repository. Also, the HTML-runner contained hard-coded paths to Jasmine, which could cause test problems when widgets were moved around in a project -- this should no longer be a concern. For details, refer to the setup manual.

LaxarJS Services are Mocked Out-of-the-Box:

When using LaxarJS injections such as axConfiguration, axFlowService or axVisibility, these are now mocked automatically. Previously, only the axEventBus injection was always mocked. You can use a callback to configure or to replace these mocks just before creating your widget controller.

Also, widget services can now be interacted with before the widget controller is instantiated: The new whenServicesAvailable hook allows to intercept and configure or replace LaxarJS widget service mocks.

Simplified Testbed Setup

No more need for loading the descriptor yourself; no more need to specify knownMissingResources in order to avoid 404 Requests for the CSS stylesheets of your widget's controls. The spec-loader makes sure that all assets have already been loaded if and only if they exist. Because of that, you should now use the parameterless setupForWidget() instead of createSetupForWidget( descriptor, options ).


No more built-in assumptions regarding AngularJS. Neither LaxarJS Core nor LaxarJS Mocks make assumptions on wether AngularJS is used or not. Framework-specific test-code is handled by the adapters.