October 19th, 2016

We are proud to announce LaxarJS v1.3.0

While we are focusing our efforts on the upcoming release v2.0.0, this release already ships a couple of improvements, without introducing any breaking changes:

  • Extension support for tooling (#330, #378) allows to inspect any LaxarJS application using a dedicated browser extension without having to install or configure the LaxarJS developer tools widget. Of course, this feature can also be disabled. We’ll tell you more about this in an upcoming post.

  • The event-based navigational flow now also supports a so-called HTML5 mode (#367) for URLs which uses the pushState API to give your application “real” URLs that do not rely on hash fragments. This is especially interesting if you plan to use fragments for a different purpose, and if you wish to see full entry URLs in your server logs. Of course, your server must be configured to route place URLs, and you may wish to set an HTML base URL so that assets are resolved correctly.

  • Finally, the flow navigation now supports query parameters for URLs (#372, #377). Previously, widgets could already read and modify query parameters, but now they are integrated with the LaxarJS navigation events. This allows your widgets to avoid any assumptions on which URL parameters they use and whether those parameters are path segments or query parameters: parameter names may be supplied by the page configuration, and the parameter style is determined by the flow definition. This allows you to craft beautiful, maintainable URLs even if there are multiple optional parameters. Consult the updated flow manual to learn all about this.

Apart from this, all the fixes from the 1.2.x branch are included, as listed in the full v1.3.0 changelog.