Last Changes


  • #61: added first profiling tools for scope property watchers. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #60: tests: make sure PhantomJS is installed properly, before running spec tests.

  • #52: portal, testing: added visibility events and the axVisibilityService NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #59: portal: fixed dangling comma in timer imports

  • #58: portal, json: fixed copyright headers
  • #57: portal: fixed double-navigation problem which can lead to skipping places
  • #56: object: removed all direct calls of hasOwnProperty.
  • #55: run_spec: disable loading the widget.json if the spec_runner.js contains widgetJson: false
  • #54: testing: fixed broken testBed injection of $q and $timeout
  • #50: performance: decoupled instantiation of widget controllers from their DOM


  • #49: added compatibility layer for JSON patch. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #48: Promises generated by the event bus are now scheduled by the event bus, not by AngularJS $apply.

  • #51: Remove some obsolete NPM devDependencies.
  • #47: Do not schedule another full event-bus tick while one is already being processed.
  • #46: fixed misinterpretation of falsy required attribute in json schema converter.
  • #45: i18n: adjusted localizer.format specs to changes from #43.
  • #43: string: added new function string.format as simpler replacement for text library. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #42: portal: added 'language-tag', 'topic-map' and 'localization' formats. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #40: portal: fixed 'flag-topic' pattern.


  • #39: portal: added JSON-schema formats 'topic', 'sub-topic' and 'flag-topic' to widget loader. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #37: improved browsing of existing api doc and fixed some syntactical errors.

  • #36: jshintrc: disabled enforcement of dot notation for object property access.
  • #34: Enabled specification of widget features using JSON schema draft v4 notation. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #33: EventBus: added event object to the information sent to inspectors on deliver actions.

  • #31: Refactored JSON validator for better error messages and schema v4 support. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #32: Configuration: Consolidated and documented configuration options under docs/manuals/ NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #30: PageLoader: added missing check for duplicate composition ids.


  • #27: Portal: Enhanced the portal event bus performance by not requiring a digest/render-cycle on each tick
  • #28: Fixed null values in widget features within compositions being turned into empty objects.
  • #29: PageLoader: composition features that are not configured do not result in undefined values for widget features.
  • #25: Only the page relevant for the current place is loaded now.
  • #17: Testing: The testBed.setup method can now simulate default-events NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #26: Testing: Fixed the responseTransform option for http-mock

  • #22: FileResourceProvider: allow to embed files into listings NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #15: FileResourceProvider, PageLoader: Prevented duplicate (simultaneous) requests to file listings

  • #24: Widgets and compositions can now be disabled in pages. NEW FEATURE: see ticket for details

  • #23: FileResourceProvider: Slashes are now correctly handled when checking a file for existence in a listing.

  • #21: The file resource provider now normalizes its root path.
  • #20: Fixed event bus inspectors not being notified on unsubscription.
  • #14: Fixed navigation being broken after successive navigation to the current location.
  • #13: The current place is now send as part of the didNavigate event.
  • #12: Testing: Get the LaxarJS tests running in Karma again.
  • #11: Testing: Handle spec_runner.js that are not in a subdirectory of the RequireJS' baseUrl.
  • #10: Testing: Loading controls during tests now works in Karma.
  • #9: Update Bower from ~1.2.8 to ~1.3.3.
  • #8: Fixed the cleanup mechanism for generated widget areas.
  • #6: The Portal now initializes an i18n object on the application's $rootScope
  • #5: Testing: The run_spec-script (used to set up the spec tests) now loads controls declared in the widget.json
  • #4: PageLoader: Added missing optional negation of generated topics and replacement of expressions in feature keys
  • #3: Added url formatting for links in
  • #2: Fixed grunt-init step in Getting-Started docs
  • #1: Added initial Getting-Started documentation