laxar-tooling Build Status

A tool support library to inspect LaxarJS applications

This library serves as a central point to codify build-time knowledge of LaxarJS applications. Use it to add LaxarJS support to your build tool.

Currently laxar-tooling serves four main purposes:

  • artifactCollector: collect a list of artifacts (pages, layouts, themes, widgets, controls) plus meta-information starting from the application's flow(s)

  • artifactValidator: validate the collected artifacts with JSON schema

  • assetResolver: for a single artifact from that list and the list of themes, resolve themed assets for that artifact

  • artifactListing: generate a JavaScript module to be used by LaxarJS' artifactProvider

  • serialize: serialize the generated module into valid JavaScript


First, make sure you are running NodeJS v4.0 or newer. After that, just install laxar-tooling:

$ node -v
$ npm install --save laxar-tooling


Refer to the API documentation and/or real-world usage in laxar-loader