The Driver’s Log

A Brief History of LaxarJS

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re simply curious about how LaxarJS became what it is now. Looking at the roots of any product also tells you much about why it was built, helping you to judge if your needs match those of the creators. Finally, by tracing back any project to its origins, …
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LaxarJS v1.1.0 Roadmap

by Alexander Wilden

Having just released LaxarJS v1.0.0, we’ve already been thinking about the next steps for LaxarJS. The main objective of the upcoming version is making it even easier to share widgets, controls and themes across projects: We want developers to be able to install widgets using Bower. This is already possible for controls, and makes it …
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v1.0.0 Release Notes

by Markus Kemmann

The LaxarJS team is proud to announce its first stable release! This release introduces the following new features: The bundle version of LaxarJS can now be installed directly through the bower registry using bower install laxar Widgets can now be loaded using custom adapters, and no longer have to depend on AngularJS (#170, #174, #171, …
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LaxarJS in Comparison

When pursuing an idea, it is both encouraging and challenging to recognize that others are taking a similar approach. Encouraging, because it confirms that you seem to be on to something. Challenging, because it asks you to reassess your past decisions as well as where to go next. In this blog post, I’d like to …
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LaxarJS, the Universe and Everything

Over the last 18 months, the LaxarJS team has been busy working on a simplified, fun and innovative way to build web clients. On this blog, we would like to share our progress and plans with LaxarJS, and to showcase tricks, demos and how-to’s. Enter LaxarJS This project is not yet another templating language, and …
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