The Driver’s Log

v1.2.0 Release Notes

We are proud to announce LaxarJS v1.2.0 The overall goal of this release is to allow for better live inspection during LaxarJS application development. To this end, the tooling API of LaxarJS core was extended. This release introduces the following new features: New tooling support for page inspection (#247, #248). Extensive manual on visibility events. …
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LaxarJS v2.0.0 Roadmap

by Jonas Pommerening

It has been just a month since we released LaxarJS v1.1.0. Even though we had to refrain from introducing any breaking changes (after all, v1.1.0 was a minor release) we were able to ship some improvements that make working with LaxarJS much more pleasant. It might take some time before v2.0 will be released but …
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LaxarJS at Soft-Shake 2015

Last week, Alex and myself had the opportunity to speak about LaxarJS at Soft-Shake, a privately organized developer’s conference at Geneva, Switzerland. In our talk Herding Cats, we demonstrated how the Pub/Sub architecture implemented by LaxarJS can be used to bridge the gap between technologies such as AngularJS and React. The conference itself was a …
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v1.1.0 Release Notes

We are proud to announce LaxarJS v1.1.0 The overall goal of the release is to simplify installing existing widgets and controls, and to make it easier to create and share artifacts that were built using integration technologies other than AngularJS. This release introduces the following new features: We provide a new scaffolding mechanism based on …
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Showtime for LaxarJS

by Dirk Voß

Just after releasing the first major version of LaxarJS, we had the opportunity to present our framework to the public for the first time at the enterJS conference in Darmstadt. Although we had the slot just before lunch time (we could hear those stomachs growling), a lot of folk showed up and listened to what …
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