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Version 2.0.0 released! Check out the release notes.
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Why LaxarJS?

The secret to building large apps is to never build large apps. LaxarJS lets you develop small, testable pieces and connects them into a full-blown client-side web application by serving as a middleware layer. Each piece can be reused internally or may be shared with others.

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Under the Hood

LaxarJS defines reusable building blocks that help to shape and manage your growing application. Build widgets and activities using MVC-technologies such as Vue.JS, AngularJS or React, and compose them into reactive pages. Connect your pages using a declarative navigation flow. LaxarJS provides structure to your applications so that you can focus on providing value to the user.

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Take the Plunge

Following the step-by-step instructions, you can setup and run your first LaxarJS applications within a couple of minutes. Have a look at our shop- and mashup-demo for example code, or check out the manuals on github.

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